The motorcycling legend Cyril Desprès once again triumphs in the most extreme and difficult rally raid event in the world, obtaining his fifth Dakar win following his previous victories in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012.

In fact, the last stage of the race ended on 20 January: a 625 km stage, from La Serena to Santiago. A stage in which Desprès, protected by Rudy Project’s Klonyx Mx™ motocross goggles that are designed to deal with even the most adverse environmental conditions, just had to administer his lead and not make any errors thanks to the brilliant results he achieved in the previous stages. His victory was based on an exceptional physical and technical performance, excellent navigation skills and by constant concentration throughout the event’s 8,000 km.
So Cyril Desprès writes another glorious page in the history of this sport, equaling the record of the champion Cyril Neveu and just one win away from the all-time record of the legendary Stéphane Peterhansel.

“For me, this victory is special for many reasons. First of all because it has been a long time since a rider won two consecutive editions of the Dakar. If I am not mistaken, Richard Sainct was the last rider to do so”, said Cyril. “Now everyone is asking me if I want to continue and try to match Stéphane Peterhansel’s record. The answer is yes, I do want to continue, not because I am interested in beating records, but because I’m simply fascinated by this race and I still get excited like I did the first time I competed in 2000. And as long as I feel this way, I will continue to take part!”
The features of the Rudy Project Klonyx Mx™ motocross goggles used by Desprès make them ideal for use even in the most extreme situations, like those of the Dakar Rally: the broad wraparound lens has been designed to protect the eyes from dust, wind and rain, ensuring exceptional peripheral vision; the interchangeability of the lenses guarantees perfect vision under all light conditions, while the handy Tear-off System with the application of tear off lenses allows dirty ones to be removed quickly so as to restore clear vision in the most difficult moments of the race.