Edan Syah Sets His Personal Best at Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2014

Edan Syah


Congratulations to our sponsor athlete, Edan Syah in completing the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2014 and achieved his third Personal Best of the year with a time of 2 hours 41 minutes!

I never thought that I will run alone at certain point of the race in my World Major Marathons debut. When the legs started to feel heavy and the headwind became stronger, I reminded myself to keep focus on my running form and my goal pace. I visualised what I had already plan for the next kilometre. Self-talk and positive words are the only best friends at that moment. My challenge and competition is within myself.” – Edan Syah

Edan’s running journey started in 2011 after his unexpected win in the 10km Competitive Men Category in KL Marathon. He started exploring his marathon potential as a self-coached athlete in December 2011 after finishing his debut marathon in 3:07. He did his best effort in honor of his mother who passed away in December 2010.He had improved 20 minutes in Full Marathon since then and has further reduced his timing from 2:54 in KL Marathon 2013 to 2:46 in Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July 2014.With his passion, commitment and determination to keep improving and maximizing his potential as an amateur athlete, we are proud to be part of his running journey to inspire young athletes to work hard and believe in their God given potential.

With his current status of being the 3rd fastest marathoner in Malaysia (MAF official ranking) , he qualifies in his age group to run in the 119th Boston Marathon in April 20, 2015. We wish him all the best!

Edan Syah wears the Rudy Project Noyz – Tangerine with Multilaser Blue Lenses

Photo Credits: www.edansyah.com

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