Rudy Project Launches 2016 Collection of Eyewear and Helmet

Rudy Project Malaysia Brunei has unveiled the 2016 Collection of Eyewear and Helmets last Friday at the Rudy Project Concept Store – Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ.  Amongst the launched are the Tralyx™, Synform™ , Soundwave, Momentum, Warp and the Boost 01 Helmet.


Literally sculpted by the wind, the Tralyx™ redefines the pinnacle of eyewear bike technology with its entirely new geometry package, unique and powerful dynamic design language. The Tralyx™ is extreme in its look and its performance. The outstanding lightweight styling and phenomenal comfort are combined with unobstructed wide peripheral field of vision and unparalleled heat dissipation solutions thanks to the innovative PowerFlow™ system where vents have been scientifically incorporated through the entire chassis to enhance air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency and without disturbing vision.


The Synform™ is another eyewear that takes the eyewear industry by storm with their latest one-of-a-kind sunglass design. Built upon 3 years of development with professional athletes and mechanical engineers, the Synform™ is a one of a kind foldable performance sunglasses. The second you have it in your hands, you will immediately feel the meticulous attention to details and materials that our engineers out into this stunning creation. It is yet another milestone for the Rudy Project Team in the world of optics and design.

Not only is the Synform™ ideal for sport and casual wear, it comes inside a unique and compact thermoformed case. These glasses fit in any pocket, including the back of a cycling jersey, making them ideal on-the-go eyewear. With 33 parts carefully crafted and assembled by hand, the Synform™’s ground-breaking design will change the eyewear industry forever.


With 10 vents, the Boost 01 features some best helmet ventilation on the market. New internal air channels help to guide and accelerate the air flow out of the rear of the helmet, which aids in heat transfer from the rider’s scalp, one of the major cooling zones of the human body. The Adaptable Air Control™ front vent cover is easily removed for long distance rides or hot weather conditions, allowing massive air intakes to cool the rider’s head.

This helmet also comes standard with a removable optical shield that connects with a magnetic flip-up system. This allows the athlete to put the helmet on with ease, while cutting fog and maximizing cooling during long rides. Building on Rudy Project RP-Optics advanced polycarbonate technology; the visor also features cutting-edge coatings for superior optical protection against harmful UV rays, eliminating annoying glare and eye fatigue.


Colourful, fluorescent, iconic and fun, the SoundwaveMomentum and Warp are the new additions to the lifestyle eyewear perfect for post race wears and also leisure activities like driving or even a day at the beachside.

The unmistakable Rudy Project design combines a fashion spirit with avant-garde technical requirements, for the utmost comfort and multilaser-mirrored lenses for maximum quality vision. Super colourful graphics, light, plastic materials with extraordinary finishes, bright and attractive colours with a strong, extremely contemporary personality.

Visit us today to experience them yourselves at the Rudy Project Concept Store – Jaya Shopping Centre and stay tuned as we continue to unveil these technologically phenomenal products.