Rudy Project Malaysia Brunei Sponsors N.S.C Cycling Team

YCS Capital Sdn. Bhd. (representing Rudy Project Malaysia Brunei) is proud to announce that Rudy Project has been confirmed as the official helmet and eyewear sponsors to the N.S.C Cycling Team (National Sports Council of Malaysia). The Rudy Project sponsorship agreement is worth almost MYR100,000 for a period of 1-year deal. With this sponsorship, Rudy Project aims to elevate the performance of the N.S.C Cycling Team riders by providing the best helmets and eyewear for all the riders.


Founded in Treviso, Italy in 1985, Rudy Project has been the European leader in the sports and eyewear sector for 30 years. This success is the result of constant investment in the development of new materials and technologies for its products, a special vocation to qualitative excellence and a well-conceived and targeted marketing and communication strategy. Confirmed by its properties of resistance, practicality, excellent fit, matchless comfort and total protection with the utmost lightness, the stars of the season will be Rudy Project’s cycling eyewear and helmets designed for ultimate performance. With the products coming all the way from Treviso, they will accompany the N.S.C Cycling Team on each leg of their races and training.

On the other hand, the N.S.C Cycling Team is an officially registered UCI Continental Team in Malaysia. Since its formation in January 2013, the N.S.C Cycling Team is committed to a 4-year program to develop a preliminary model to enhance the status and performance of Malaysia’s elite cyclist. Led by Coach Harnizam Basri, The N.S.C Cycling Team will be the second Malaysian continental team to race in the UCI Asia Tour calendar this year. Aside from its primary aim at developing and providing talent with sufficient racing throughout the year, the team is also a platform for track endurance riders to get enough training under their belt.

The N.S.C Cycling Team’s first race as a UCI Continental Team will be in Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) on March 8th to March 15th, 2015. Specifically for the toughest climbs, the future champions will have the ultralight, ventilated Windmax™ helmet with Fibratek Geometry™ inserts. For time trials, the team can rely on the fastest and most revolutionary helmet in the world. The Wing57™ is the fruit of in-depth engineering research in association with John Cobb, a leading aerodynamics expert. As for the eyewear, the hi-tech Agon™ cycling equipped with the ImpactX 2 Photochromic lenses deliver unmatched visual quality for the riders. The lenses’ sharper contrast, even with poor visibility and light, improves visual clarity and depth perception. The lenses are unbreakable and absorb a high level of UV rays for even greater safety and comfort. These are the racing kits that will be worn by the N.S.C Cycling Team throughout their races and training sessions.

NSC Racing Kit 2

Ultimately, both Rudy Project and The N.S.C Cycling Team share the same vision and value; transcends the world of sports with the common hope of actively contributing to winning one of the most challenging battles of our time.

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